We have Instagram!


The IFA gets Instagram! As part of the IFA’s contemporary art blog, formerly the Contemporary Art Consortium, we are posting your contemporary art-related pics with the handle “ifastagram” — check it out!

Though ifacontemporary’s re-launch date is September 15, we’re accepting your Instagrams now — and anytime during the semester! Think a trip to Dia Beacon, art seen on your summer travels, a thought-provoking gallery visit, or even a Stieglitzian cloudscape — and include a one-sentence caption that ties it back to the blog, art history, or the IFA. (This account is meant to act as a counterpart to the blog, so posts should retain an appropriateness in line with the scholarly-yet-friendly atmosphere of our site.)

We are posting almost daily, so check back to see when yours is up!


Elizabeth Buhe and Caroline Barnett, editors

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