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ifacontemporary acts as a network and outlet for modern and contemporary students at the Institute of Fine Arts. Our mission is to connect our academic community with artists, scholars, curators, conservators, gallerists, collectors and other New Yorkers with an interest in the arts.

This website will serve as an open forum for IFA students, alumni, and CAC members. We encourage you to contribute your thoughts, relay feedback to your colleagues, and join in our discussion.

Francesca FerrariEditor

PhD Candidate, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

Megan DiNoiaManaging Editor

MA Class of 2018, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

Editors of ifacontemporary

Damla Koksalan, Editor, 2016-2017

Connor Hamm, Managing Editor, 2016-2017

Katharine Wright, Editor, 2015-2016

Patryk Tomaszewski, Managing Editor, 2015-2016

Elizabeth Buhe, Editor, 2014-2015

Caroline Barnett, Managing Editor, 2014-2015

Kristen Gaylord, Inaugural Co-Editor, 2011-2014

Rachel Nackman, Founder and Inaugural Co-Editor, 2011-2014

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Alexis Lowry Murray
Delia Solomons
Susanna Temkin
Katharine Wright